Back to the roots

Our pipes are frozen so we can‘t use the toilettes nor wash hands or anything else. But thank-Patty* our neighbours have got water. Their heater is not working so the water is cold, as are the rooms, but still it is water and the toilettes are working. The other neighbours don‘t have water nor heat, so I guess we are very lucky. It feels like Norway or so. I am sitting in my Norwegerpulli in front of the fire place trying to keep it on which is not too easy without fire lighters and damp wood. My fingers are grey and my nails black. Handwashing is clearly over estimated. A pint of tea in my hands trying to write an essay about 19th century Ireland. It is cosy, we are having arabic soup, listening to Äl Jawalla and playing card games every once in a while. I strongly recommend these back to the roots experiences (in safe environments with electricity, oil and a house around you, neighbours, supermarkets and music!)
Have a happy 2010! :)

* Patty is one of the most chosen Irish Christian names for boys it derives from Saint Patrick the patron saint of the Irish